Formica countertops and cabinet modifications


Looking for Modified Cabinets or Custom Countertops (with or without Undermount Sinks or Decorative Edge)?

We can do that and more!  Scroll down for pictures of past projects and FAQs.

Replacement Countertops

The countertops will be custom templated, built, and installed by us. 4" back splash, full height wall laminate, and other wall treatment options are available. The countertop is guaranteed to fit.


Undermount Sinks

Add the convenience of an undermount sink to your favorite color of laminate. We use both acrylic and stainless steel sinks. Visit this site to learn about options for undermount sinks for laminate countertops:

Custom Edges

Custom edges are an optional value added feature for your laminate countertop. Laminate bevel edges or Gemloc edges add a nice touch to your project. Visit these sites for more info: or

Modified Cabinets

We can modify existing cabinets to fit new appliances such as wall ovens, free standing ranges, microwave hoods, etc.

Our Process

Curious about our process?  See each step of the process below.

  • 1

    Contact Kitchen Fixins via the contact page to set an appointment.
  • 2

    We measure and look at the job. During this appointment, we also take an initial look at options and samples.
  • 3

    You will then receive a written quote for the job.
  • 4

    When you return the signed quote to us, we will contact you to set a date for the work. We will also provide larger samples before you make final color selection(s).
  • 5

    Start the job on the scheduled date. Customers know ahead of time what preparation is required of them and how long the project should take to complete. If you have any questions along the way, please contact us for information.
  • 6

    You pay in full within 20 days of when the job is complete.


Est. 1998

Kitchen Fixins is in business to provide you, the customer, with a quality-built laminate coutertop at a good price. My name is Brian Wadel and I started Kitchen Fixins in 1998. I learned the trade from my father who owned Wadel’s Kitchen Center. I worked during the summer months and a few years after High School as an installer of kitchens and countertops. I always enjoyed doing the countertop work. As Wadel’s Kitchen Center came to a close, I started Kitchen Fixins in 1998. My goal was to do two countertop replacements per month. In time I was able to do one job per week and sometimes more.
Thank you to the many Kitchen Fixins customers. I enjoy meeting you as we see each other in town. Kitchen Fixins also provides the service of modifying cabinets for appliances. Many of the area appliance stores know of me and Kitchen Fixins. I like to do the modifying work for a change of pace and to fill in the end of the week. Kitchen Fixins’ main customer base is Franklin County, PA and Washington County, MD but I have traveled as far as Breezewood, Camp Hill, and Gettysburg.


Can full wall laminate be replaced?

Yes, often times it is possible. To be sure, please make an appointment. For an accurate quotes, it is best to see the situation.

Do you reuse old countertops?

Rarely do we overlay existing countertops.

Will you contract my project to someone else?

Typically, Kitchen Fixins does all work for the project.  If another trade or contractor must be involved, our staff will advise you during proposal stage of the process.

How much does it cost per foot?

Kitchen Fixins sells by the job. Each project has its own degree of difficulty.

Who is the typical customer?

My typical customer has good cabinets but the countertop is an old color or is worn out.

Who does Kitchen Fixins work for?

We work for private home owners, cabinet makers, and contractors.

Is Kitchen Fixins insured?


I have my color selected already.


I need a new wall oven/refrigerator/stove, but I can't find one the same size as they old one.

Kitchen Fixins can modify your cabinet opening to make it wider, taller, larger, or smaller.

Will an advertising sign be placed in my yard?

Absolutely not!